Our grilling planks are chosen, cut, and finished to the following specifications to ensure the highest possible quality:
Western Red Cedar
We use Western Red Cedar because the fiber cell structure is more dense, virtually  eliminating  the possibility of the plank splitting or cracking. In addition, there is less chance First Growth Cedar
We use first growth cedar trees, which give a bolder, stronger, richer flavour and aroma (much like the effect of a sauna made from first growth cedar).
Dry Cedar Planks
Our planks are thoroughly kiln dried. "Dry" planks allow any liquid flavour to accent a steam or marinade, enhancing and complementing the cedar flavour. Dry cedar also lasts well in packaged form. "Green" or damp cedar planks can begin to grow mold and will begin to mold rapidly within a sealed package.
Smooth Surfaces
Our planks are planed for one smooth face and on both sides, with all of the hard square corners chamfered for better looks and easier handling.